Cheddar cheese and its different types

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Originated in cheddar, a village in England, it is named after the place of its origination. This cow cheese milk has a huge number of flavors from mild to sharp; it also differs in color from pumpkin orange to creamy white. A natural dye annatto is used to change the cheese’s color to orange. Cheddar is of many kinds and types, out of which Canadian cheese are one of the best. These are whiter, creamier and are very famous for their tangy flavor and ting. Cheddar dries with ages and becomes crumbly. This drying process takes a minimum of 12 months and 18 months. The aging process can take up to 5 to 6 years and it becomes more scrumptious as it grows.

Sharp cheddar has more sharp and shrill taste. The taste of this brilliant ingredient has made many recipes win food awards and no kitchen is complete without having it. You melt the cheese in a grilled sandwich or you put it on a salad dressing, it can make any dish a ninja’s culinary. It is absolutely appropriate cooking, melting even grating sharp cheddar makes any dish very delicious. Its texture is smooth and creamy and its acidic taste is very different from other cheese. A tinge of sweetness is mixed with a slight buttery taste and that makes the sharp cheddar unique in its taste. Sharp cheddar cheese tastes best with apple tarts and sourdough bread.

This is sharper than the sharp cheddar and its sharpening is done without the training wheels. The crumbly texture and the creamy white color give the cheese a sophisticated look. Extra sharp cheddar cheese served with roasted nuts makes a great pair of snacks. It is filling and delicious. This cheese is so excellent for cooking, grating and melting as well. Melting this extra sharp cheddar with a burger or hot dog can be wholesome food for anybody.

Time has no replacement whatsoever, and aged cheese are an appropriate example of that, cheese that are left for weeks even months gets only better with time. Cheese that is aged gets sharper and tastes becomes acidic and flavor. Aged cheeses are of many kinds, few are coated with wax, and few are brined in flavored solution with useful bacteria and yeast which enhances the health and flavor of the cheese.

There are different kinds of cheddar cheese preservation processes, some cheeses are kept in damp and cold condition and some are left in open air. Roquefort cheese is well known because of its way of preservation, it is kept in dark caves. Usually normal cheese are kept in tight jar or packet and preserved in refrigerator before they are cut in portion.

Usually referred as “squeaky cheese”, these cheese curds are mostly used in Canada and mid west USA. They are used in making different cuisine, they are often used to soured milk, or if eaten alone they tastes heaven. They are yellow and orange in color. Quebec, New York State and Vermont are different variety of cheese curd.

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Cheddar cheese and its different types

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Cheddar cheese and its different types

This article was published on 2013/03/09