Gruyere Cheese And The Alternative Cheeses To Choose From

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I remember being given a recipe that my mother boasts of. As I was preparing the ingredients for it for my husband’s welcome back dinner, I suddenly realized that I needed Gruyere Cheese for it. When I checked that our fridge don’t have it, I was alarmed. The cheese shop where I get it from is in the next town from ours. To add to my demise, I found out that the car brake needs to be checked so I am unable to drive my car. I then made a rational decision to find out that could be the best replacement to still come up with the amazing Gruyere meal.

Cannot Be Replaced

I had to call a cheese lover friend of mine for this situation and she said that Gruyere cannot be substituted. She added that while it is costly, it has a unique flavor and texture that can't be duplicated by even the most similar cheeses. Many people believe that its taste is worthy of its price.

A Generic Swiss Cheese Will Suffice

I also contacted another friend and she informed me that you will find so many other cheeses to substitute Gruyere. Moreover, she added that several people she knows are turned off by Gruyere's strong taste and powerful aroma, causing them to get discouraged when they encounter a recipe that calls for it. But it’s nice to know that there are a lot of cheeses to choose from as an alternative. While many prefer Gruyere over any substitute, it can be adequately replaced for the average user. The Comte and the Beaufort ranks as the closest alternative, but any quick melting Swill cheese will suffice.

The Gouda Can Be another Substitute

Though there are countless different varieties of specialty cheese that will do the job, you want to look for cheese with a few specific characteristics. Gruyere is nutty and pungent, so, in order to keep the proper balance of flavors, it is smart to select a cheese that has these same qualities. The Gouda cheese is also the perfect alternative. Although it doesn’t taste exactly like the Gruyere cheese, its flavor is strong and it can certainly pass as an alternative to any recipe you might have that will need Gruyere.

And then I called for my sister aid in this extreme situation. She and I have been indivisible before we got married and had our different lives. She was always the problem solver in our tandem back then so I gave her a ring. And much to my amazement and delight, she told me that we can order the Gruyere Cheese online and have it delivered right to your doorsteps. All you have to do is get to know the only gourmet cheese shop online.

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Gruyere Cheese And The Alternative Cheeses To Choose From

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Gruyere Cheese And The Alternative Cheeses To Choose From

This article was published on 2011/12/07