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Since the beginning of the year is the perfect time to begin a new workout or diet routine, now's the time to learn how cheese can be part of a healthy lifestyle - in addition to being a delicious part of a gourmet's enthusiast's diet.

So make French cheese part of your New Year's resolutions by reaping these benefits from fine Cheese:

Calcium boost- Calcium is a big part of any healthy diet and French cheeses are an excellent way to get it. No matter what your favorite cheeses are, you'll be getting bone-strengthening calcium whenever you eat them. And as an added benefit, the calcium found in cheeses strengthens teeth by coating them with a layer of calcium that strengthens the enamel.

Packed with protein - Cheeses are packed with complex proteins. That means healthy cheese snacks (like the suggestions below) are a great choice for before or after a strength training or cardio workout. Protein, of course, is fuel and energy for exercise and helps your body recover and build muscle when you're done. So why not fuel up and recover with a bit of gourmet flavor?

Fruits and veggie flavor enhancer – Just a little bit of fine cheese goes a long way in boasting flavors for healthy-eating bedrocks fruits and vegetables. Whether you are having a salad with crumbled goat cheese, or are pairing fruits with cheese on their own or in sandwiches.

With these health and flavor benefits in mind, try these quick snacks and easily make French cheese part of a healthy year.

Brie with apple slices - Fuel up for your workouts or curb your between meals hunger with this delicious snack. Enjoy brie cheese with apple slices on their own or heated up in a sandwich with whole grain bread. Either way, you'll get a boost of energy and the piece of mind that comes with healthy, guilt free snacking.

Goat cheese with mixed nuts - Weight training is an important part of any workout program, and when it's time to hit the weights a dose of protein is a must for energy. While there's all kinds of special protein supplements available, there's a much more flavorful way to fuel up for your workout: nuts and cheese. Goat cheese makes an excellent pair with nuts, as the tart tang of the fromage compliments the tranquil dryness of the nuts. Nuts are an excellent, low fat source of protein and are healthy and simple snacks – and delicious when paired with gourmet cheese.

Blue cheese with assorted greens – Green vegetables are a main component of any healthy diet. Adding just a dash of French cheese can add a great deal of flavor to your snacks, whether you are preparing a dinner salad or simply snacking on a cucumber and a dash of fromage. Try a delicious blue cheese like Bleu d'Auvergne or St. Agur with your favorite light salad, or enjoy it with raw mushrooms. Either way you'll be getting essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while also getting gourmet flavor.

Fol Epi cheese with mixed berries – Sweet berries are bursting with vitamins and minerals. They're inherent sweet taste and crisp texture goes excellently with Fol Epi, a protein-rich cow's milk cheese that is smooth and delicious. Try these two anytime of the year, but especially when the winter months give way to spring and the berries provide an invigorating taste that pairs perfect with the balanced taste and smooth texture of Fol Epi.

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Healthy cheese snacks

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This article was published on 2010/11/11