Norfolk Cheese Is a Treat to Round of Any Meal

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Their names may not have the familiarity of Stilton, Red Leicester, Cheddar or any other of the popular English cheeses but if you dine out at many of the Norfolk Restaurants, there is a good chance you'll come across a cheese platter to round off your meal.

And in a good number of cases, the choice on offer will be a type of Norfolk cheese.

In addition, if you take lunch in Norfolk pubs, the ploughman's lunch on offer may well have a Norfolk cheese as part of the selection alongside a hunk of homemade bread, a pickled onion, slices of ham, salad and some country relishes.

Many of Norfolk's chefs, and a growing number are becoming very well-known, are supporters of Norfolk's small band of cheese makers. The restaurants in Norfolk Boutique Hotels will also offer you a selection of local cheese with crackers to be enjoyed with a glass of port.

The cheeses to be looking out for include Binham Blue, Norfolk Dapple or Norfolk White Lady but there are also producers of excellent goat cheese in parts of Norfolk too.

While Norfolk has never had a widespread reputation for cheese-making, the small producers that have become established over the past few years have started to make cheese that is proving popular with word of its texture and flavours spreading beyond the county borders.

Indeed, when it comes to making cheese, Norfolk's producers have won awards for their cheese.

You can find the various Norfolk cheeses sold in the town markets, at local farmer's markets, delicatessens or at many of the shows and events held across Norfolk and you will also see it promoted at the food festivals that are growing in popularity across the county.

Reception staff at any of the North Norfolk hotels will have details of such events or be able to offer information about local cheeses and may even have some on their own menus.

If you've enjoyed the local cheese while staying in Norfolk, it's easy to find a selection to take home with you and share with friends at a dinner party.

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Norfolk Cheese Is a Treat to Round of Any Meal

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This article was published on 2010/12/30