Types of Cheese - A Quick Start Guide

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Cheeses come in all sorts of shapes forms flavors and aromas and are produced in many countries worldwide. There are types of cheese to suit just about every taste. Cheese can be used in numerous ways from grilling, frying, baking or even on its own. You can get soft, hard, semi-hard, creamed and even spreadable cheese.

The most popular cheese is probably Cheddar, which is a hard cheese that does not have any cracks or mould. It is available in a range from mild to mature and is suitable for just about anything from putting on a sandwich, to baking with or using as a sauce. Another type of cheese is blue cheese. This has an acquired taste due to its distinct taste and aroma which only some people enjoy. It will have either a blue or green mould. The most common types of blue cheese include Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Danish and they are particularly popular as dressings to have over a salad.

Another cheese which has a distinct taste is goat cheese which is made from goat's milk. This cheese, which is soft and easily spreadable, is said to be healthier than most other cheeses due to its low calorie content.

Feta cheese, which has Greek origins, is another soft cheese which is easy to crumble and white in colour. It is very popular in salads and goes hand-in-hand with a Greek salad in particular. It is available in a number of different flavours such as Herb, black pepper, salted, or even low fat.

Mascarpone cheese is an Italian cheese which is renowned for its creamy texture and taste. Unfortunately it is very high in fat and calorie content. This cheese is also light in colour and is popular for both savoury and desert purposes.

Cheeses have come a long way since they were first introduced thousands of years ago. They can be used in just about any dish and are available in varying flavours and forms with types of cheese to suit every palate.

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Types of Cheese - A Quick Start Guide

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This article was published on 2010/03/26