Wine and Cheese Baskets for the Holidays

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We have all been there. Waking up one morning and realizing it is time for spreading a little holiday cheer, but without a single idea what to give your loved ones. The thing is, most of the time there is no single choice in holiday gifts that would be appropriate for all the people you have in your holiday gift list. Some of them might be sophisticated and reserved; others may be outgoing and active. To have something that would please all of them you have to start thinking about the classic gifts, like the ones that have been around for millennia and have not gone out of style. Give them gifts like wine and cheese baskets for the holidays.

As far back as the Babylonian empire's time, wines and cheeses have been a commodity. Cheese was thought to have been discovered as a byproduct of storing milk form domesticated animals in unsuitable environments that curdled them. People would then intentionally manufacture these cheeses for their salty-tangy taste and market them as a food product. Wine, meanwhile has been around for as long as there has been agriculture and civilization. The ancient process of winemaking from the crushing of grapes has little difference with wine manufacture now. The spread of the Roman Empire into Europe and the kingdoms they left inherited the production and consumption of these goods, and that is why we now have the present wine and cheese culture

Cheese baskets come from the tradition of bringing goods as offerings to the nobility. Nowadays, it is a common offering in housewarmings and as gifts from holiday trips. To make these gift ideas fit the occasion, it would be best to customize them. Add some food products that fit the season, like Easter eggs for an Easter basket, or Halloween themed candies for a Halloween type basket. And you can also spice up the design for a change. A basket themed for the holidays can be adorned with mistletoe's and wreathes. With wine and cheese baskets, the wines can also add to the feel of the holidays. Some wines go great with red meats, and because there are commonly hams on the dinner table during the holidays, it would be a great idea to have these red wines in your basket.

With the variety of wines and cheeses out in the market, you have all that you need to have a holiday present that's sure to please those on the receiving end. It is really up to you how you can make your wine and cheese baskets stand out from the ordinary gifts and giveaways.

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Wine and Cheese Baskets for the Holidays

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This article was published on 2010/11/19