Your Guide To Hosting A Wine And Cheese Party

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A wine and cheese party is a classic and elegant party theme. By serving wine at your party, you can immediately create an atmosphere of elegance and fun. This type of party allows you to have more time to enjoy with your friends in a relaxed and cozy ambience, without having to rush and serve food dishes one after another. The wine and cheese will complement each other and bring out a very tasteful and exquisite dining experience.

While wine in itself can make for a great party, you can use a wine and cheese combination if you will be having this theme for the first time. The most popular wine and cheese pairings are: Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc with Gruyere cheese or Parmigiano Reggiano with Riesling or Merlot. Shiraz is best with Cheddar or Monterey Jack and a lot of people enjoy Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon with Swiss Cheese or Brie Cheese.

Generally, soft cheeses are paired with lighter wine varieties and stronger cheeses with strong wines. Heres your guide to a list of wines and cheese according to their type. Considered soft cheeses are camembert, brie, feta, mascarpone, goat cheese and buffalo mozzarella. Hard cheeses are edam, gruyere, swiss, raclette and parmigiano. Examples of great semi-soft cheese varieties for a wine and cheese party are morbier, fontina, Colby and baby swiss; while for semi-hard cheese varieties, they are provolone, cheddar, Danish blue, Sonoma jack, and gouda.

As for wines, heres a quick list for your choices. Pair sauvignon blanc, cabernet, champagne or chardonnay with semi-hard cheeses. Choose among Riesling, chinon, barbaresco or chardonnay as well with semi-soft cheeses. For soft cheese, wine suggestions are sauvignon blanc, cabenet, Bordeaux, or white zinfandel. Suggestions for hard cheeses are sherry, cabernet, sangria, dark beer or pinot noir.

The key here is that for you to truly enjoy your cheese and wine, pair them according to your very own preference and use this merely as a general guide. If you like a certain pairing suggested here, but would like your Cheddar Cheese best with Merlot, then there is no reason for you to pass the pairing up. Enjoy your party with the wine and cheese pairings that you personally enjoy. The wine and cheese suggestion pairings here are basically that suggestions. If you have a certain pairing to your liking, then be bold and show your great taste to your friends by introducing a great wine and cheese pairing.

With this basic information at hand, you can now have the confidence to hold one party after another. And for more fun, add your usual style and choices for the music and a great crowd to hit it all up. Share your love for wine and cheese and have fun at the same time. Without much preparation, you can now have an equally fun party. Now take out those great wine glasses and invite your friends to come over for a relaxing and fun time with a great wine and cheese party.
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Your Guide To Hosting A Wine And Cheese Party

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This article was published on 2010/12/09